FAIRVIEW - Today, a cold case unlike any other we’ve covered on our 'Montana Murder Mysteries' podcast.

The killer? Found, arrested, tried and convicted.

The murder victim? Still no where to be found.

And after more than eight years, family, friends and law enforcement are still tortured by the question: just where is Nicole Waller of Kalispell?

"If you knew my sister, she considered you family. If you needed something, my sister would take the shirt off her back, the last roll of toilet paper out of her house, and she would give it to you," said Carmen Keibler, who is Nicole's older sister. "She really cared for her family, always wanted to know what they were doing and her friends, very protective of her family and friends."

But in order to find Nicole's body, we have to dive into the details surrounding her disappearance and her tumultuous relationship with her killer, who now sits in prison -- Cody Johnston.

'Just Where is Nicole Waller?' You can listen to Part One of this podcast story right here, or wherever you download your podcasts.

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