Montana Murder Mysteries returns for season two. This week we look at the possible connections between the disappearance of Father Kerrigan from Ronan in 1984 and the brutal murders of several priests in the south. Two out of the three murdered priests were found in hotel rooms lying face down, naked, with their hands tied behind their back.  

We also discuss the theories surrounding the connections to two more Montana missing person cases from around the same time.  

Learn more about the case and where it stands today in the latest episode of our podcast, MONTANA MURDER MYSTERIES. Make sure to never miss an episode by subscribing via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify! 


If you have any information on the disappearance of Father John Kerrigan, please call the Lake County Sheriff's Office at (406) 883-7301.

If you have information on the disappearance of Father James Otis Anderson, please contact the Broadwater County Sheriff's Office at (406) 266-3441.

If you have information concerning the disappearance of school teacher Curtis Holmen, contact the Missoula County Sheriff's Office at (406) 552-6300.

Note: Father John Kerrigan was named as one of the accused personnel listed online by The Roman Catholic Diocese of Helena. Click on the link below for a full list of accused personnel and where they served. 

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