MISSOULA - After a man and a woman were found dead decades apart and in different parts of Montana, authorities need your help today in tracking down who they were.

Montana Right Now has previously told you about the 1985 cold case of Christy Crystal Creek, who is said to be the only unidentified victim of Missoula's serial killer, Wayne Nance.

The Cold Case Squad at the Missoula County Sheriff's Office has renewed their efforts into finding out just who Christy is.

So they sought out a renowned sketch artist, Lois Gibson, to share an updated picture of what Christy might've looked like today.

And authorities in Flathead County want to know who this John Doe is, too.

His body was found near Marion in 2003.

In the latest episode of our 'Montana Murder Mysteries' podcast, Evening Anchor Angela Marshall and Executive Producer Blake Simonson reveal the details you need to do some detective work on your own and aid law enforcement in identifying two Montana cold case victims.

You can hear the full conversation right now, or you can download it wherever you get your podcasts.

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