Stories of Suffering

September is Suicide Awareness Month and one non-profit up in the Flathead is sharing the stories of Montanans with lived experiences, to help those with their own struggles.

"There are a lot of people who joke about mental health,"

"I never thought I would see the age of 21,"

"It took me a long time be able to talk openly about depression and suicidal thoughts,"

Those are only a few voices from the Nate Chute Foundation's "From thriving to surviving: stories of hope and resilience.” series. While the foundation is dedicated to suicide prevention, this video series covers a range of topics, from cyber bullying, to grief, and helping someone with their lived experience.

"The story that impacted me emotionally the most, was the story of a daughter who suffered from depression, we interviewed her father and he talked about what it meant to be a father to her," NCF Development and Program Coordinator Nicci Daniher said.

All six of the stories in the series are from folks right here in Montana.

"We really wanted to show local Montanans who had survived a struggle and came out the other side. We really wanted to demonstrate some tools they each used so someone watching might be able to relate and say oh maybe that would help me," Daniher said.

The foundation didn't want these stories to be time or place sensitive, so no matter where you live or who you are, there could be a message you can connect to.

"We tried to capture males, females, younger people, older people, people in the middle of the road, so the experiences are more universal and someone could say I really connect to that story," Daniher said.

The first video will make its debut this Thursday and they will release a new video once a week for six weeks.

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