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KALISPELL - Police chased a suspect in a vehicle who reportedly fled after police tried to pull him over to do a traffic stop in Kalispell Sunday.

According to a release from the City of Kalispell, Kalispell police tried to stop the suspect for a traffic stop near E. Idaho Street and Second Avenue E. N. but the suspect took off leading police on a pursuit.

The suspect allegedly fled on west on Idaho Street and then went westbound on Highway 2.

The release from the City of Kalispell said the Kalispell Police Department (KPD) was made aware of a stolen vehicle report, which identified a minor as the suspect in the vehicle resembling the description of the vehicle they were chasing.

KPD ended the pursuit in effort to decrease risk towards citizens, officers and the suspect, because of the new information they received and the capability to arrest the suspect later.

The City of Kalispell wrote KPD later arrested the suspect, who had run away on foot. 

An investigation is underway.

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