Watercraft inspectors find 50th mussel-infested boat of 2021

KALISPELL, Mont. - Watercraft inspectors found the fiftieth mussel-fouled boat of the year in Montana Thursday, Aug. 26.

According to a Facebook post from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks - Region 1, the Nashua watercraft inspection, located on Highway 2, found the mussels on the boat. FWP said this boat traveled from Lake Erie to Kalispell. 

FWP said this year has topped the number of mussel-fouled boats in 2020, which was 35. There have been 94,800 watercraft inspections in Montana so far in 2021; whereas, 2020 saw 112,300 watercraft inspections in Montana.

As a reminder, anyone transporting a motorized or nonmotorized boat is required to stop at an inspection station before launching. Anyone who doesn't stop at an inspection station may have to pay a fine of up to $500.

It is crucial to make sure all watercraft, trailers and all equipment that went into the water is drained of water and dry.

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