12 Boys and Girls Clubs across Montana get hundreds of boxes of fresh food from Idaho produce company

Credit: Katie Moore

An Idaho-based produce company is partnering with Boys and Girls clubs across Montana to provide hundreds of boxes of food to those in need. 

The covid-19 pandemic caused millions of pounds of food to go unsold as restaurants and schools were forced to shut its doors. Thanks to a new partnership, thousands of pounds of fresh produce from Grasmack Produce will feed hungry families. 

Erin Gillie bought a home with her boyfriend in December, then the pandemic struck and her boyfriend got furloughed. 

"We have no income coming in on his end," Gillie said.

Gillies added that her boyfriend applied for unemployment but it's been stuck in limbo for months, as the U.S. Department of Labor handles millions of new applications causing delays. 

"I tried for food stamps to get some help and I just found out today we are 22 dollars annually over the income," Gillie said. 

She stopped by the Missoula Boys and Girls Club Monday morning after hearing about a new program they're offering, in partnership Grasmack. 

"Anybody is able to get these foods, and we're just trying to get it out to folks because ranchers and farmers because of covid-19 have been really struggling to get this stuff out the door," Boys and Girls Club CEO Katie Moore said. 

"This stuff" Moore mentioned is 25 pound boxes filled to the brim with fresh milk, potatoes, spinach, cheese, meat, among a long list of other products. 

Grasmack Produce dropped off 150 of the boxes around 9:30 in the morning, and by 11:00 a.m., all went home to families. The boxes go quick, so Moore is working to expand the program. 

"We're hoping we can increase these numbers each week too with Grasmack produce so we can get it to more families," Moore said. 

As families continue to feel the impact of covid-19, Gillie said the box of food she got will help her family get through another week. 

"This is gonna help our family a lot," Gillie said. 

According to Moore, Grasmick got federal money to to start this partnership with 12 Boys and Girls Clubs across Montana. 

Fresh produce boxes are dropped off at the City Life Community Center 1515 Fairview Ave in Missoula at 9:30 a.m. each morning of the summer. Moore is hoping the partnership continues until the end of 2020. 

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