All Nations Health Center

MISSOULA, Mont. - As healthcare varies from person to person in Montana, we're hearing from Native American representatives with the All Nations Health Center, as they share how their need for health services differs from others here in the Treasure State.

Project Beacon Director, Shayla Beaumont tells us how they're continuing to minimize the disparity for Indigenous people, no matter where they are.

"Leaving the reservation or not knowing what is available to you and being a director of programs, I feel like not only just for healthcare but for other resources of need, I feel like we can definitely direct indigenous people and be that hub for them," said Beaumont.

But Indigenous populations have specific needs that other health care systems may not be addressing.

"As Indian people, we come from a different background, so at all nations, we're also trauma-informed so that also helps with some of the difficulties we face within our community," said Laura Bird, the eligibility specialist for All Nations Health Center

One of which is the missing and murdered indigenous people's (MMIP) epidemic we're seeing right now.

"In Montana, we're one of the tops leading states for MMIP cases, There's a huge demand for the native population and human trafficking, a lot of health disparities comes from that...And for indigenous people, we are targeted for human trafficking versus any other race... And just with the high PTSD and with the high health complications that come from human trafficking and us already being a highly vulnerable population, just trying to get them aware of the resources that we have available, the advocacy, the support," said Beaumont.

And those like Shayla and Laura and others with All Nations Health Center assure indigenous people like them that they will receive the healthcare they deserve.

"Definitely just trying to provide that extra support and let everyone know we're here and making sure our indigenous people don't fall through the cracks," said Beaumont.

If you wish to seek those healthcare resources that are tailored to better help the problems indigenous people face, you're encouraged to head to All Nations Health Center for more information. 

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