MISSOULA — You might see some roadwork going on in your neighborhood this week, that’s because the City of Missoula is starting their annual chip seal.

The city planned to start the project on Monday, but have had to delay it until at least Wednesday, because the chip sealer broke down.
If all goes as planned, the City’s Deputy Public Works Director, Brian Hensel, said they’ll chip seal over 13 miles of roads around Missoula. 
"What the chip seal does is it provides a protective coating on any of the streets we do the process on,” Hensel said.
It will protect the asphalt from things like sunlight deterioration and water infiltration. Chip sealing can also help prevent potholes, extend the service life of the streets and it provides additional traction in winter.
To do the project, the streets need to be dry, so don’t turn on your sprinklers the day before or the day of chip sealing and make sure your car is off the street.
Hensel said chip sealing costs only about a quarter of what it would take to completely re-do the roads.
"It's much less expensive compared to going in and doing a complete reconstruction or even milling and paving. So, this is a maintenance technique that will extend the service life at a greatly reduced cost,” Hensel said.
Due to the chip sealer delay, the project may take a few days longer than expected, but this flyer explains what roads will benefit from the program.

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