Big Sky Documentary Film Festival - 'Say His Name: 5 Days for George Floyd.'

Big Sky Documentary Film Festival - 'Say His Name: Five Days for George Floyd.'

MISSOULA -- The line-up for the 18th annual Big Sky Documentary Film Festival has been announced.

Out of nearly 1,800 submissions, 87 films from 26 different countries were chosen.

Festival officials said they were expecting submissions to decline this year, but instead, they had close to the usual amount of submissions, with a wider variety of countries then usual.

They said this could be because artist's wrapped up films that they weren't able to focus on prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The festival's Executive Director, Rachel Gregg, said a lot of the films capture the struggles of 2020.

"What I really noticed from our selection this year was sort of this theme of resilience and transition. I think that a lot of the films, perhaps they didn't mean to do that in the stories they were telling, but, it's a reflection of the moment," Gregg said.

"Say His Name: Five Days for George Floyd" is a film about the unrest taking place in the Director's own neighborhood in Minneapolis.

The Film "57 Days" tells the story of one of Spain's first patients to enter the ICU, after getting COVID-19.

The event will be streaming virtually through Eventive from Feb. 19-28.

For more information visit the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival's website.

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