MISSOULA, Mont. -- A new expansion means more pizza for those Biga Pizza lovers,  who are loving the pizza coming straight out of a new location here on front street in downtown Missoula.

And manager Michael LePointe tells me the plan for expansion was needed now more than ever.

"For a long time we were just loving what we were doing on our main street location, staying super busy, table service a little bit of to go, but as to go started picking up and table service became popular, we were almost overwhelmed with the support of the community, so super busy, busier than we could handle so we started, realizing like - woah, we need to expand," said LePointe. 

And when an adjacent spot opened up, it was an instant match. 

"It was a perfect fit- in the same building - a location that we could completely gut and make our own...We were able to continue our business as usual as we grew this spot, then slowly move into here and start pumping out delivery and to go out of here," said LePointe.

With delivery and to-go becoming their mainstream service last march,  Owner of Biga Pizza, Bob Marshall says their work flow began feeling chaotic for a moment. 

"It's been rough for people in food service, I spent the entire summer, masked up in front of a 600 degree oven, listening to rush. Making pizzas as fast as I could," said Marshall. 

And opening did not come easy, but it was well worth it in the end. 

"The process slowed a little bit, we shut down for two months between march 15 and may 19 we re-opened doing take out only in our dining area and then we mashed on the gas and tried to finish the space as quickly as possible because the community was so supportive of our product that we had trouble keeping up, we had 2-3 hour waits for take-out just gave more validity to our expansion," said Marshall.

Lot of planning, lot of hard work, and we all put our heads together and created pretty much a dream space, "said Marshall.

And a vision that became a reality, Biga Pizza's new spot is located on Front Street in Downtown Missoula. For more information on hours and some new meu pop-ups can be found on their website  as well as on their social media

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