MISSOULA, Mont. - A film that showcases the impact of wildfires will be shown at a special screening in Missoula this week as part of the Big Sky Film series.

"Bring your own Brigade" is an inside look into environmental and social impacts from the 2018 Camp Fire that burned through communities in California, forever remembered as the fire that destroyed the town of Paradise.

Filmmakers hope this film will bring a better understanding of how fires continue to threaten our communities and how we can best protect them going forward, especially for those here in Montana.

"One thing that director Lucy Walker decided to do is start the film in a very intense way. She puts you in the middle of the fires and creates empathy and fear right out the gate. I mean, fire is terrifying: it doesn't care where you are, what day of the week it is, all it cares about is finding the next thing to burn and she doesn't want you to forget that throughout the film," Rachael Gregg, executive director with the Big Sky Film Institute, said. 

The documentary premieres Oct. 21 at the Zacc showroom in Missoula at 7 p.m. It's a free screening, but you're encouraged to reserve tickets ahead of time.

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