Hank and Liz

The owner of a dog, that went missing in the Flathead Valley, never gave up hope that she would bring her dog, Hank, home.

After looking for Hank for over a week, Liz Smith, was finally reunited with her dog thanks to some helpful community members.

"It was all a community effort to try and help me, to try and get Hank back, and it really was a phenomenal effort on everybody's part," Smith said.

The search for Hank started after Smith crashed her truck into a stone wall. As she was making sure her mom was okay, Hank escaped.

"Hank got out of the truck and started running south bound on Highway 93," Smith said.

For the next nine days and eight nights, Smith looked for any sign of her dog.

"We would follow his tracks along the way and we would follow his foot prints," Smith said. "They would lead us in one direction turn around and lead us right back down this mountain."

But Smith wasn't looking alone.

"I went to Facebook, I just went to every Montana lost pets Facebook page and I would just put my story out there," Smith said. "I can't believe the thousands of people who actually shared the post and then the people who came out and physically helped me, not knowing them from anything prior,and they helped me day and night."

Even with all this help, Smith's time was running out. Her flight back to Seattle was leaving Valentine's Day night. But that morning, she got a call that Hank was seen on someone's security camera.

"He followed a line of treats into the garage and then they closed the garage door and that was it, they had caught him!" Smith said

Like the perfect ending to a love story, Hank and Smith flew off into the sunset together.

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