Case Files Part 1: Tracking Down Siobhan McGuinness's Killer

Case Files Part 1: Tracking Down Siobhan McGuinness's Killer

MISSOULA - A dedicated team of cold case investigators with time on their hands and advancements in DNA identification technology all helped solve a nearly 50-year-old 'Montana Murder Mystery.

Thursday will mark 47 years since the alarming disappearance of a sassy, yet sweet Missoula five-year-old.

Siobhan McGuinness was abducted from her home on Missoula's northside, sexually assaulted and left for dead.

Her body was found three days later in a culvert just off of interstate 90 near Turah.

This past October, as Montana Right Now first reported, the world learned that a man by the name of Richard Davis was responsible for her killing.

"In the McGuinness case, we lucked out, because we had one match," said Susan Lane, a Cold Case Squad Investigator for the Missoula County Sheriff's Office, "which the FBI said, 'You guys really lucked out because this is the closest match which we've seen in probably over 100 cases."

But it wasn't just luck that brought investigators to Davis after 47 years.

In our newest podcast episode, Evening Anchor Angela Marshall opens files to learn about the intricate process Lane and her colleagues went through to track down Siobhan's killer.

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