MISSOULA -- As Missoula grows, there's more pressure to have safer roads for the community.

That's why the City of Missoula approved a plan on Monday that will keep more people safe.

The Higgins Avenue Bridge, recently named Bear Tracks Bridge, is nearing completion.

But now, plans are in the works for the rest of Higgins Avenue, from Broadway to Brooks Street.

Missoula approved an agreement to create the Higgins Avenue Corridor Plan. 

It will address issues surrounding transportation, parking, safety and access to businesses in the area.

The City's Infrastructure and Mobility Planning Manager, Aaron Wilson, said recent accidents in the area highlight the need for change.

"There was a recent crash involving a cyclist that was I think traumatic for everyone involved, and so we want to avoid those kinds of issues in the future and design a facility that's really predictable and safe for anyone who's using that corridor," Wilson said.

The Montana Department of Transportation will also be involved in the project, since Highway 12 is a federal road.

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