Watch Party

MISSOULA, Mont. - We saw everyone crawl into the watch party scene for this Brawl of the Wild Saturday to cheer on their favorite teams, which was the first time they could do so with no COVID related restrictions. 

One watch party was hosted by the University of Montana's Alumni association who join forces with Montana State every year to watch and track the big brawl. Regardless of the turn out or where it may be hosted, everyone feels like a winner because at the end of the day everyone could all come together in person to enjoy this experience. 

Kelly Culcaire with the UM alumni association describes the experience as a, “real touch point for the whole state I think to kind of come together, we have this day where it's like a little mini-super bowl of Montana and it's just a fun occasion.” 

And for some fans festivities are still going strong into the evening party safely, everyone! 

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