MISSOULA, Mont. - The corgis are back and better than ever for the Corgi Carnival! Whether it was competing in the costume contest or the new hot dog challenge. Maple, Pumpkin, and some new faces rounded up the crew once again to raise money for our public schools.

The Missoula Valley Corgis, now a recognized non-profit, put the carnival together and a portion of the funds made from raffles, contests, and photos were given to Hellgate Elementary's Parent Teacher Association.

In the spring, the non-profit did something similar for Missoula's Franklin Elementary, and this time, the corgis are taking home the pumpkins for another win for everyone.

"Our corgi club is really for the people, it empowers happiness, it empowers friendships, it empowers teamwork and the corgis just bring the people together and so that's my plan is to create a happier place and if the corgis can do that, then great,” said Club President Anna Adams.

With another huge success, the corgis have already raised hundreds for Hellgate, and looking at all the action from earlier Saturday, they're already eager for the next big event.

And there are plenty of Corgis' to go around as they're already gearing up for their winter Olympics.

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