Corona chart

HELENA - The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) now access to coronavirus test kits that can be completed in the state. 

Access to the kits means DPHHS no longer has to send samples to the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia.

For patients and family members, that means a much shorter wait time to see if they're infected.

The state health department has also published a chart online to track how many people are being monitored for the virus, as well as the results of tests.  

As of 10 AM Friday, nine people in Montana were being monitored. And no patients tested positive. 

Health officials say now they should be able to get test results quicker than last week. The director of DPHHS Sheila Hogan said in a statement:

"This is significant because it will allow us to test with a much quicker turn around. This will allow us to better support testing efforts for medical providers in the state should the need arise."

DPHHS also warns, if you develop a fever and symptoms of a respiratory illness, tell your health care provider right away and they will determine if you need to be tested for the coronavirus.

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