MISSOULA — One million dollars. That’s how much money the Donation Warehouse in Missoula has raised over the past 18 years for The Parenting Place, a local organization working to prevent child abuse.
The Donation Warehouse is a family-owned business that resells furniture and appliances. The Parenting Place gets 75%-80% of its income through the Warehouse’s support.
The funding was recently used to develop a strategic rebrand and website, that will help them reach more families who are in need of support and education.
Program Director for the Parenting Place, Ivy Anderson, said scholarships are one of the ways the funds are used.
"Because the funding we receive from donation warehouse is flexible, we can give somebody a scholarship. Whenever somebody donates a couch or an appliance, that money is used to help a family,” Anderson said.
The Parenting Place offers classes including a parenting class, a trauma 101 course and a class that supports those who are incarcerated.

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