MISSOULA, Mont. - Airlines are seeing a return to pre-pandemic travel numbers, and insurance companies are seeing a big uptick in people hoping to cover all their bases before they travel over the holidays. 

Experts say Wednesday is the busiest travel day of this holiday weekend and that the weather isn't causing any major issues. Hearing from travel experts who have been looking back at the last two years, one thing that COVID-19 has taught us is that you never know when you can expect to get sick or feel ill during your travel. Which is something they're seeing from many travelers this holiday season. 

Triple A is predicting nearly 55 million people will travel from home between now and SundaySo for Thanksgiving with COVID, RSV, and the flu spreading across the nation insurance companies like Goose Insurance are urging folks now more than ever to protect themselves in case of a health emergency. 

Omar Kaywan, chief growth officer at goose insurance says "do not consider traveling without adequate whether you have it with your current health plan or consider buying your own and traveling with a more piece of mind, we live in a different world today than we've ever had before it's better to protect yourself financially than to be exposed and potentially have that risk of coming home with thousands of dollars in medical bills.”  

Remember for those of you booking online, some protection plans don't automatically offer health protection. You're strongly urged to take time, read how you can be covered, and make sure you do it all before you head out for the holidays. 

If you've already booked your flight keep a close eye on any upcoming delays or changes throughout the next 24 hours as weather and health conditions could impact when and how you travel. 

Whether you're traveling by road or by flight expect a lot of traffic, so give yourself plenty of time and make sure to stay safe as you go out over the holidays. 

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