Chimney Brushes

One fire department in the Bitterroot is doing their part to help prevent chimney fires this winter.

The Victor Fire Department is checking out chimney brushes to anyone in the community who needs one plus they are telling folks what signs to look out for to tell if you need to clean your chimney.

As the temperatures continue to drop below freezing more people are lighting fires to stay warm, but not everyone's chimney is fire ready.

"Because we are in the middle of the season and people have been using their fire places and their stoves to heat their house for half the winter, the creosote is starting to build up," Victor Fire Chief Scott Hackett said.

And that little build up can poses a big threat.

"Obviously the biggest risk is that you can burn your house down," Hackett said.

But there are ways you can reduce that threat.

"Get up and look at the top of your chimney if you see the creosote start to build up it time to clean your chimney," Hackett said.

Even if you cant see the build up doesnt mean its not there.

"You'll notice when you try to build a fire for some reason your fire doesn't want to start and its not just one day because the weather has changed but everyday it seems like its getting harder to start, that probably means your chimney needs to be cleaned," Hackett said.

Signs of a chimney fire include a loud roaring sound and smoke going into your house rather than up the chimney.

All you need to do to get a chimney brush is to go down to the Victor Fire Department, ask to borrow one, put it together, then you are set to clean out your chimney.

The Victor Fire Department wants to remind everyone if you suspect you have a chimney fire call 911 first, before you attempt to put it out yourself.

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