Glacier Ice Rink

MISSOULA — Summer temperatures are rising, but now families have another way to cool off.

Glacier Ice Rink in Missoula will open for public skating, figure skating and hockey on Monday, however, the rink will only be open through the end of July. 

Glacier Ice Rink staff came up with the idea after the rink was forced to close early due to the pandemic.

Executive Director, Laura Henning, said they wanted locals to get back some of the skating time they missed. 

"Since we've been closed, a lot of people have been missing skating and hockey and we thought, ‘well why not try it for a short period of time,’ Henning said. “And again in the summer, it's kind of nice to come into a cold environment [and] not have to worry about sunscreen or bugs."

The ice will look different because they won’t be adding white paint, Henning saying this is so that they can quickly remove it in time for the Western Montana Fair.

"By not putting the white paint down it makes it a lot quicker to put it in and take it back out. And again, we kind of thought it was a novelty as well. It kind of gives it more [of] like a pond-hockey experience,” Henning said.

However, she says the ice was the easy part.

"Everybody’s changed operations with COVID, and just making sure that we're doing everything we can to keep everybody who comes in the building safe,” she said.

Henning said all of their staff will be wearing masks, and they encourage the public to do the same. They're also only allowing a limited amount of people in the rink at a time, and ask that you pre-register to skate here on their website.

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