MISSOULA -- Downtown Missoula will soon have more room for visitors, or those just planning a "staycation."

Previously a Days Inn, Developers from Think Tank Architects said they wanted to make The Wren hotel in downtown Missoula a hotel that blends in with the City.

The hotel sits across the street from Conflux Brewing Company, down the street from the new library and next to another hotel set to open in the spring.

Co-owner Brian Caldwell, said the 73-room hotel is an additional to two others they've already built.

"Our first hotel is The Lark hotel in Downtown Bozeman and [we] just [had] our one year anniversary at The Finch in Walla Walla, Washington," Caldwell said.

Other than being named after birds, the three hotels have something else in common; all rooms feature artwork painted by local artists.

"One of the things that I think we do well is really bridging into other disciplines, and reaching out to the artist communities, where these hotels are located and collaborating with them to make something meaningful in each room," Caldwell said.

The lobby will be in the center of the hotel, featuring Black Coffee Roasting Company and a men's wear shop on the outside.

"The real takeaway is that, this is a part of the community that the locals can call their own and have it be a place that they can come together [and] enjoy and share with their friends and family," Caldwell said.

The update will also feature more windows and an additional fourth floor.

The hotel is set to open in the summer of 2021.

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