MISSOULA, Mont. — If you’re wanting a COVID-19 vaccine but aren’t able to leave your home, the Missoula City-County Health Department can come to you. 
The Health Department's Public Information Officer Hayley Devlin says they’ll be making house calls on Monday.
"If somebody doesn't want us in their home, and they have enough mobility to come meet us on their front porch, that's totally fine,” Devlin said. “If they need us to come into their living room, or even maybe their bedroom to vaccinate them, that's fine as well, they just need to let us know,” she said.
You’ll need to let them know by noon on Thursday because appointments aren’t guaranteed. 
The house calls are free and you don’t have to have insurance, but if you do, health officials need that information to charge your insurer an administration fee, but it won’t cost you anything.
Other than that, it’s a straightforward process.
"We'll show up, read them some forms, discuss the vaccine, give them the poke, watch them for 15 minutes, then we'll be out the door,” Devlin said.
She added that they’ve already done a few home visits but they know there are still people who want one. 
"They deserve to have access to the same resources as other citizens, regardless of how mobile they are or how often they can get out of their homes. It’s a pandemic. It's a critical life-saving vaccine and everybody deserves to have it if they want it,” she said. 
You can make an appointment by emailing vaccineclinic@missoulacounty.us, or you can call 406-250-INFO and choose option 3.
For now, they’re only doing this on Monday. If that doesn’t work for you, make sure to let the health department know. 

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