Santa Fly-Over

Courtesy: Jeffshots YouTube 

MISSOULA - Right now one local Facebook group is working to bring back an old Missoula tradition just in time for the holidays.

The Santa Fly-Over is an old tradition that ended over 20 years ago where an LED Santa would light up the skies before the holidays. However this year, because of COVID-19 and the other hard times 2020 has brought, one woman is trying to bring this old tradition back to life.

What started as Lynn Lease reminiscing on the tradition turned into a Facebook group with over 1,500 members all sharing ideas and memories. Now, the group is doing what they can have Santa soar through the sky for the next generation. However, it is a big project for one woman and a handful of friends.

"Obviously 2020 has been rough on everybody, but this is a big venture for myself and I do have a handful of people that are helping me, but it's going to take our community as a whole and some more of our prominent members I think to help make this a reality," said Lynn Lease, Bring Back Santa-Flyover Facebook group founder.

Right now Lease is working with D&G Cranksets Services who have offered to donate time and crane service to help get Santa off of the roof of the RDO building in Missoula. According to a Facebook post by Lease, the Santa may need some fixes before it can be flown through the air. At this time Lease is also hoping to partner with a non-profit to raise donations for the Santa Fly-Over event.

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