MISSOULA -- In the true spirit of the Giving Tuesday, a local fitness center held a soft opening with the goal of helping others.

VRTX Fitness, the new health and wellness gym used to be known as The Source, but now with new ownership, they used their opening day to give back to two organizations in Missoula.

Owner of VRTX, René Nazelrod was born and raised in Missoula, so she didn't have to think twice in giving back to her community.

"We choose to launch VRTX Fitness on Giving Tuesday, because giving starts with giving back and Watson's Children's Shelter gives back to the community all the time, so does Five Valleys Land Trust," Nazelrod said.

Both organizations will get the membership proceeds from Tuesday's soft opening.

They'll also get 10% of the proceeds from The Shop and Apex Bistro that's located inside of VRTX Fitness.

"There's an inner athlete in all of us and I think this facility, with our personal trainers, with our programming with our staff, brings that out in the Missoula community and our members," Nazelrod said.

That's why she said they have a big goal for Tuesday's soft opening.

"We think the Missoula community can come in and sign up to take care of themselves, to take care of their own health and fitness, or give the gift of health and wellness to the Missoula community, while helping out Watson's Children's Shelter and Five Valleys Land Trust. Our goal is ten thousand dollars," she said.

Nazelrod's worked with the Watson's Children's Shelter since 2007 and said they need the community's support.

She added that Five Valleys Land Trust provides spaces for Missoulians to get outside, which many people take advantage of, especially due to the pandemic. 

VRTX will hold a community soft opening Dec. 11-13. 

Those proceeds will also go to the two organizations because Nazelrod said one day is never enough.

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