Marshall Mountain Park

EAST MISSOULA, Mont. - The official opening of Marshall Mountain Park kicked off Sunday, as the public was invited to celebrate the newly accessible part of Marshall Mountain.  

Thanks to partnerships with Izzy Dog LLC and Missoula Parks and Rec, Marshall mountain brings long-awaited access to the public for hiking, biking, as well as enjoying a fun day outdoors.

Something we haven't seen in years, bikes running up and around those trails, that was once off limits, now becomes the hub for communities to enjoy what these mountains have to offer.

Many people like those over at Missoula Parks and Rec, believe it's a dream come true, as locals have waited years to see these trails filled with fresh bike tracks and families ready to experience the new chapter that is Marshall Mountain Park.

"Whether it's coming up and sitting on the lawn to have picnic with your family, or if it's going for a hike, if its going for a mountain bike hike, it it's enjoying the forum it is now open to very community member to be able to do that," said Meg Whicher, recreation manager.

She goes on share, "you go through Missoula and you talk to a lot of long term Missoulians and everyone has a Marshall story, I learned how to ski here, this was the first bike race I ever did, or I got married here , and to have this area, this bottom acreage be in public ownership means that we can further be able to have those memories for future generations."

And it's all about creating those memories as this land enters a new chapter in life. As the excitement continues beyond today, you're asked to recreate safely and respectfully.

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