'Cowboys' movie to launch Friday

MISSOULA, Mont. - The Los Angeles Times calls it, "a powerful movie for the moment." And it was filmed right here in Montana and launches this Friday.

You may recall the movie, "Cowboys," that was filmed in the Flathead Valley, Glacier National Park and our own Montana Right Now studio in Missoula in 2019.

Evening Anchor Angela Marshall was lucky to have landed the role as "local anchor woman."

The movie stars Steve Zahn, Jillian Bell, Anne Dowd and Sasha Knight.

Writer/Director Anna Kerrigan kept the plot of the movie hidden while filming, but Angela got a sneak peek during the Montana Film Festival in October.

"Zahn plays a troubled, but well-intentioned father who runs off with his son into the Montana wilderness after his ex-wife refuses to accept their child as transgender," according to IMDB.

"I think the message of the film is for everyone to just look at how do our own judgements and preconceptions of other people and our projections of what we want them to be," Kerrigan said. "In the case of the mom in this movie, she wants her kid to be the little girl that she thought he was going to be. How do those things that we project onto other people get in the way of us accepting and loving them for who they are."

The movie brings awareness to issues surrounding gender identity and mental health, and couldn't be a more powerful watch for the times.

In fact, it's getting praise!

At a virtual Tribeca Film Festival last spring, Kerrigan won the award for "Best Screenplay" and Zahn for "Best Actor."

And at the 32nd Annual Newfest LBGTQ Film Festival, Kerrigan received the Grand Jury Prize for "Narrative Feature."

The film will launch on all digital platforms, such as Apple iTunes and Amazon Prime, on Friday, Feb. 12.


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