Missoula City Council to vote on requiring permits for stereos in parks

MISSOULA, Mont. - City Council will consider an ordinance that would require a permit to use stereos in parks.

What does this mean for Bluetooth speakers during afternoon picnics? 

Becky Goodrich, communications specialist with Missoula Parks and Recreation, said this isn't about a person playing a small Bluetooth speaker quietly at a picnic table for his or her immediate friends. The permit is more targeting things like concerts, rallies and other large public events. 

It's already been a policy through Missoula Parks and Recreation for decades. Now, they're asking to add it to the municipal code to make it easier for law enforcement to protect the rights of other park users and folks living near the park. 

Recreation Superintendent Shirley Kinsey said if passed, enforcement would be complaint driven. 

"If a resident calls in a noise complaint, then the police would respond," Kinsey said. "If there's no complaint, the police aren't going to be looking for people in parks with Bluetooth speakers, just bottom line." 

The permit ensures park users are aware of and comply with the city's noise ordinance. 

The motion will be discussed at the City Council meeting at 6 p.m. on Monday, April 5. Then, they will take it up under Final Consideration at the next regular City Council meeting on Monday, April 12.

To attend the meeting, click here. To read the full item, click here and go to page 448. 

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