MISSOULA -- A local non-profit is now one step closer to its goal of connecting low-income families with nutritious food.

It's all because they received over $600,000 dollars in federal funding. 

The Community Food and Agriculture Coalition will use this money for the double snap dollars program. So, for every dollar spent on fresh produce at Farmers Markets, Customers will get another dollar to spend. 

The coalition is just in the pilot phase of Double Snap, with two participating stores, on in Hot Springs and another in Billings. But they'll be adding a Missoula store to that list soon, and farmers markets across the state, including those in Missoula, accept Double Snap as well.

The Coalition's Food Access Program Manager, Ian Finch, wants local farmers to know that they can help out all on their own.

"We really want to help them get snap authorized, so that they can support low-income shoppers in their own community," Finch said. "Especially to bring them to the farm, to the farm stand. Let them check it out, connect and build those relationship with the local food system, so that they feel connected to their community," he said.

Customers can use up to $30 in Double Snap funds, which means they can get up to $60 dollars' worth of produce. It's a win for local farmers, too, who will get double the income from people using this program.

For more information, visit the Coalition's website.

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