Missoula Public Library reopens for curbside service

MISSOULA- The Missoula Public Library will reopen for curbside service starting Dec. 28.

The library closed for two weeks due to COVID-19 exposure among the downtown staff. Honore Bray, Library Director, said in a year like 2020, books are even more special. 

"People need to have some kind of hopes in their lives, and books seem to give that to people," Bray said. "It just is a great thing for people to be able to have a different thing to look at, a different way to look at things. Books do that for you, especially when you can't be face to face with other people."

While the library was closed, the staff continued working at home on projects like data entry for databases and working individually in the library preparing holds for the reopening. 

While they're excited to be partially open, they can't wait until they can fully open their doors, Bray said. 

"The staff of Missoula Public Library thrives on the public and it makes us very pleased and happy to be able to serve the public," Bray said. "It's been really difficult for the last seven months, not having face to face interactions with people." 

For information on curbside protocols, click here. 

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