Creative Missoula

Missoula has been recognized as one of the most creative small cities in the US!

The study ranked cities using the Creative Vitality Index looking at three factors: Creative Occupations, Industry Sales, and Non-Profits.

Missoula is home to more than 60 arts nonprofits, including the famous Missoula Children’s Theater. It is also home to many museums like the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula and the Missoula Art Museum.

To add icing on the cake community members report regularly attending art classes at places like the Zootown Arts Community Center. It's these businesses and non-profits that helped rank Missoula so high in the study.

The findings from this study also highlight the positive economic impact the arts have on a community.

"These studies also show that when you have an attractive city that attracts people to visit then they want to live there and when they move they buy a house and pay taxes and send their kids to schools so there is really an economic benefit to being an attractive creative city," Arts Missoula Executive Director Tom Bensen said.

Of the town’s $672 million in arts-related revenues, 63% comes from theaters like the Roxy and the Wilma, who host concerts and film festivals all year round.

Plus cultural organizations generate over 8% of Missoula's revenue. And the study says over the last three years Missoula’s CVI value has risen due to a 35% increase of art directors, film makers, and video editors in the area.

"You asked me the question whats my favorite and I'm having a hard time coming up with it because its all very inspiring and very creative," Bensen said.

From concert venues to museums and the continued access to the arts, that is why Missoula is ranked #10 out of the 30 most creative small cities in america

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