MISSOULA, Mont. - As the states film industry grows, a local production company opened a new movie studio in the Garden City.

Treasure State Studios wants to shine a light on Montana's talent, resources and locations.

Production companies can rent out the space and bring in their crew, or hire the Missoula-based company, With a Cause Productions, to help out.

Co-owner, John Niles said either way, they'll be spoiled with the studio's equipment.

"So, we have a cyclorama. We've got industry standard lighting, grip and electric gear. We have a 'grandma's parlor chic' decorated green room, with an adjacent 'River Runs Through It' [themed] make-up suite," Nilles said.

Despite all the Hollywood glitz and glamour, Nilles is a fifth generation Montanan and wants the studio to support other Montanans pursing film.

"We would like to see these big projects that are shooting in Montana actually be led by Montanans," he said.

That's why he's helping local middle schoolers and high schoolers through the Aspire Media Program.

"They're learning industry standard techniques on industry standard equipment, and after they graduate, they have the option to come intern at the studio and eventually become a crew member," he said.

Nilles added that he'll never forget to put Montanans first.

"We want to make sure that Montanans will definitely have a voice in that growth," he said.

Treasure State Studios is officially open for business.

You can learn more about what they have to offer on their website.

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