MISSOULA - ABC FOX Montana is bringing you the last episode of Season 2 of our 'Montana Murder Mysteries" podcast.

We're wrapping up this season by bringing you an important update to a Montana murder mystery that we first brought to you back in Season 1: the unsolved murder of beloved Seeley Lake Elementary School teacher, Cliff Nelson.

Nelson died by gunfire in September of 1996.

And to this day, authorities are still searching for his killer or killers.

The Cold Case Squad at the Missoula County Sheriff's Office is actively searching for answers in this case.

But to move the case forward, sometimes you have to go backwards.

"Seeley Lake, as you know, is a very small community that was very tight and is still very tight knit," said David Conway, who is the Captain of Detectives. "And a lot of the people who were involved, grew up there and grew up together as friends. What we hope now is that with so much time that has passed is that someone has had a change of mind or a change of heart and may know something and will come forward and give us a more truthful statement than has been done in the past."

To find out more on how investigators are proceeding with this cold case, be sure to tune in to the finale of Season 2 of 'Montana Murder Mysteries.'

Host Angela Marshall will also be giving you a taste of what she and Co-Host Blake Simonson will be working on for Season 3.

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