MISSOULA - In 1986, a Missoula killer met his demise at the hands of two of his victims.

The assailant? Wayne Nathan Nance.

The victims? Kris and Doug Wells.

After his death, investigators were able to piece together a jigsaw puzzle of unsolved murders that haunted the Missoula and Bitterroot valleys for more than a decade.

Officers were able to get a search warrant for Nance's house in East Missoula.

It was there that they were able to unravel six 'Montana Murder Mysteries,' at least.

"Most of those people usually keep a trophy or something to remember," said Detective Marta Timmons with the Missoula County Sheriff''s Office. "There were few things at Wayne's house, the jewelry, again, was there. There were photos and drawings. There was women's underwear that was there."

In ABC FOX Montana's second installment of our 'Montana Murder Mysteries' podcast on Wayne Nance, Angela Marshall and Blake Simonson will introduce you to new voices to help unravel the murders and the murderer, who would become known today as the 'Missoula Mauler.'

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