Youth Dynamics

MISSOULA, Mont. - This Sunday was recognized across the country as mental health awareness day, and for one local company, they’re not celebrating their 40th anniversary in business but helping families in a big way.

Through a $400,000 grant, one nonprofit youth dynamics program right here in Montana is using that to further their services and locations all across the state helping families dealing with mental and behavioral challenges.

Thanks to a grant from the MJ Murdock charitable trust, Montana's Youth Dynamics is working to renovate residential homes, campuses, and will increase staff numbers across the state to provide extended services for children.

From offering mentors, mental health treatments, foster care, and therapeutic foster care placement.

And those with the non-profit say this grant and the ability to help families right now struggling with mental is important now more than ever.

And for rural communities across the state, no one will get left behind.

"In a state like Montana, we're huge and so we need to try to reach families all over the place, so we're everywhere from Colstrip serving the Bitterroot valley, and Wolfe point, and Dylan, kind of all areas of the state and that way we are able to get to every family with whatever there need is, said Nina Hernandez, with Youth Dynamics.

Right now, we do some of those efforts include expanding one of their on-site treatment locations, as they hope to begin construction at a later time.

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