More used syringes found in Missoula as snow melts away

As winter's ice melts away, Open Aid Alliance employees say people are finding more used syringes around town. 

Organization employees say they are working to keep Missoula a safe community for all. They say if you find a used syringe to put on gloves, use tongs to pick up used syringes and throw them into a thick plastic container like a milk jug or detergent bottle. They recommend duct tap ing the bottle, writing "sharps metals inside," then calling their found syringe hotline at 406-493-2502.

But if you're uncomfortable doing that, you can call or text the found syringe hotline and someone will come pick them up. 

The syringe pick up is only on weekdays during normal business hours. However, there is a 24 hour syringe disposal box behind Burns Street Bistro available. 

Open Aid Alliance Employees say 911 gets calls about found syringes, but it costs taxpayer money if cops check it out. They say it's better to contact them instead. 

Employees couldn't give an exact amount of syringes found in Missoula, but the Open Aid Alliance gets regular calls from community members about finding them. Those calls come from all around Missoula. 

"We are acutely aware of our neighborhood and our area. but really there's phone calls all the way up the top of south hills and the rattlesnake. it's pretty much all over," Harm Reduction Coordinator Amanda Reese said.

For more information on the Open Aid Alliance or how to properly dispose of them, click here. 

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