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MISSOULA, Mont. - The Mountain Line in Missoula will be altering some of their route frequency schedules beginning Oct. 18 due to understaffing.

Routes 1 and 2 will arrive every 20 minutes instead of every 15 minutes, and routes 8 and 12 will also have altered schedules. This will remain in place until further notice.

“COVID-19 has changed our community on many levels,” Mountain Line CEO and General Manager Corey Aldridge said in a release. “Like many other workplaces right now, we are facing difficulty in recruiting suitable employees. Making these slight adjustments to schedules allows us to continue serving riders without major disruptions.” 

Mountain Line currently has 41 full-time bus drivers; however, they need at least 50 to run regular bus schedules. They said there are currently five employees training to become bus drivers, and they are seeking more employees for the next training class Nov. 1.

“We are seeking individuals committed to safety and exceptional customer service, not necessarily those with previous transit experience,” Aldridge said. “A career with Mountain Line is about serving Missoula to benefit us all, with the opportunity to learn public transportation from the ground up.”

Mountain Line offers paid training and helps guide employees through getting their commercial drivers license. Employees are also offered full benefits reimbursing health accounts, gym memberships and retirement pensions in addition to hourly wage.

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