Car theft


MISSOULA - Right now the Missoula Police Department is warning people to safety store fire arms and other hunting weaponry after a string of break-ins and theft occurred.

According to MPD, in the last week there were over 35 incidents of theft from a combination of vehicles and buildings, with hunting weaponry some of the big ticket items that were stolen.

With fall coming and hunting season approaching, make sure that if you are preparing for a trip it is never a good idea to leave hunting supplies like firearms or other hunting gear in  your vehicle.

"We would like to caution those folks to make sure those items are secure, if you cannot secure them, take them with you," said Sgt. Travis Welsh, MPD.

Also remember to have a record of all your gear with the serial numbers. Police say this drastically improves the chances of recovering stolen items if you do fall victim to theft.

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