MISSOULA, Mont. — As Missoula continues to grow, the foundation is being laid in the Mullan BUILD plan. 
The project area sits between West Broadway Street and Mullan Road, West of Reserve Street.
About 90% of the project’s design plans are complete and project organizers are just months away from breaking ground.
DJ&A is the lead on plan development, in collaboration with the City and County of Missoula. 
Project manager for DJ&A, Donny Pfeifer, said a lot of planning went into the multi-million dollar project.
"How many people are gonna live out there? What type of transportation needs are really necessary? All that was fundamental in understanding the growth and the density of the area and that was done with the master plan,” Pfeifer said.
The goal of the project is to build more roads and infrastructure to support more homes and businesses in the area.
Missoula secured a $13M federal BUILD grant in 2019, after applying for 26 million.
Due to the the lack in funding, construction the project will focus on five areas:
"The Mary Jane Boulevard South and North. So, all the Mary Jane road from Mullan Road up to Broadway and then George Elmer Drive South, which goes from Mullan Road up to the intersection of George Elmer and England and then England Boulevard from Flynn out to that same intersection at George Elmer,” Pfeifer said.
He said the federal grant has a lot of unique requirements, but the community's interests are their number one priority.
"Despite that this is a large complicated federal project, it's still a community project and so keep in mind that we had a lot of public involvement work and things like that through out all these efforts and making sure it's the right project for the community,” he said.
They expect the project to take a total of two years, moving into other phases once they get more funds.


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