National Museum of Forest Service History

After receiving a $2 million donation the National Museum of Forest Service History is one step closer to meeting their capital campaign goal.

The donation was given to the museum from long time supporter and forest service retiree, Bill cannon. The $2 dollars were left as a part of his will after he passed away in 2019.

The museum's goal is to focus on conservation history and how the Forest Service plays into that history in the US.

Right now they have a visitor center, a outdoor stage, and an interpretive trail but the organization has a larger vision for their site.

"Our main goal for this site is to build the world class museum and it will be a destination museum for people from all over the county to come visit Missoula and the area," Executive Director Lisa Tate said.

The museum's goal is $10 million and with this donation they are well over half way there. Now they need just about $3 million.

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