MONTANA - Missoula and Gallatin County DUI task forces are teaming up with Think Twice, a DUI prevention company, to provide bars and restaurants with single-use breathalyzers in effort to prevent DUIs.

"If breathalyzers are used by law enforcement after somebody decides to drive, then maybe there's an opportunity to use the same technology before someone drives," Forrest McKai, co-founder and vice president of Think Twice Inc, said.

Participating bars and restaurants will have these breathalyzers available for their customers for around $2. The device is about the size of a small pencil and will provide four different Breath-Alcohol-Content (BAC) levels: 0.0%, 0.02%, 0.05%, and 0.08%. Customers blow into the tube for ten seconds, then afterwards the results will show a shade of red that compares to the BAC scale from white to dark red. It does not provide a specific BAC result. This approach just makes sense, Steve Schmidt, senior program manager with Missoula County DUI Task Force said.

"It reaches people where they are," Schmidt said. "People typically drive to these locations. They have a couple of drinks. We, typically as consumers, don't understand what our blood or breath alcohol level might be, because it's different for all people. It's different depending on the amount of alcohol you have in the drinks. This gives you a tool that you can gauge, have reasonable idea what your blood alcohol content is to make sure you're making the right choice to choose to drive sober."

According to the Montana Highway Patrol 2020 Fatality Report, alcohol was a suspected factor in 43% of all crashes on Montana's highways and 43% of highway deaths throughout the year.

The task force grants will also support media kits and service team training provided by Think Twice for these establishments for free. Below are lists of participating bars and restaurants in Missoula and Gallatin Counties.

Participating Missoula County Bars and Restaurants:

  • Bodega/Monks
  • Cranky Sam's Public House,
  • Iron Horse Bar & Grill
  • Montgomery Distillery
  • Press Box
  • Red's Bar
  • The Rhinoceros
  • Silver Dollar Bar
  • Stockman's

Participating Gallatin County Bars and Restaurants:

  • Bozeman Brewing Co.
  • Bozeman Spirits
  • Filling Station
  • The Haufbrau
  • Hideaway Lounge
  • MAP Brewing
  • Mountains Walking Brewing
  • Old Chicago
  • Union Hall Brewing

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