New Missoula art exhibit teaches Olympic history

MISSOULA, Mont. - With the Olympic games kicking off this week, the Montana Museum of Art and Culture is getting into the spirit, with a new exhibit. 

It's called Movement: Graphics and the Olympic Games. It features a variety of historic Olympic posters, but goes beyond just the games. 

The exhibit aims to teach people about different social movements surrounding the competition. 

It shows over a hundred years of Olympic history through the posters used for advertising. 

While these posters are about the games themselves, each one is unique in how it reflects the host city and events for that time. 

The exhibit covers key years like Berlin 1936, during Nazi Germany, and Moscow 1980 when the United States boycotted the games. 

Rafael Chacón, director of the museum, explained how these posters use color and design to advertise the games in a way that wasn't always reflective of surrounding world events. 

"They're very Utopian in some ways, but obviously they exist in the modern world and the modern world is sometimes less than peaceful," he said. "So the posters actually present a very peaceful world, and that doesn't really reflect the reality, which is that the world is of course, in many ways, a conflicted world." 

Along with the posters, kids are are also able to get their photo on a replica podium. 

The exhibit is free and will run through August 28. For more details, click here. 

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