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MISSOULA, Mont. - We recently told you about the FDA warning people not to cook chicken in NyQuil. This came after a new social media challenge is encouraging young people to try it out for themselves.

This is something we’ve seen really take off and some dangerous repercussions, whether it's food or a dance-off.

The new challenge with chicken in NyQuil prompted an immediate warning from the FDA.

Families First Learning Lab in Missoula says although they haven't seen this particular challenge play out in our area, they've seen this pattern play out in the past.

Wellness Education Coordinator Dylan Wright says, "a lot of right now is a lot of snap chat it's a lot of TikTok that's a lot of videos what kids are seeing and watching and people have brought up the challenges before.”

Coming with some pros and cons, and for parents setting up boundaries and restrictions is how they've managed.

Families First Learning shares that, for parents, it's important to build connections and relationships with their kids and help them understand what is going on in their lives and their use of social media.

Family Education Director Jeanice Robins says, "with using social media it can be such a tool for connecting with families or with friends but it also does have this adverse side that can open them up to the world and so having the tool to navigate that is so important, especially with how social media will continue to develop.”

And the peer pressure to play into what everyone else is doing, still a fear if it could happen once a new “challenge”' rolls around like they saw early on and carried it into school.

"Doing something horrible to a teacher that was inappropriate there were these pretty horrible challenges that were going around for a while, I haven't heard much in a while since then so I feel like maybe it calmed down," said Wright.

With this new trend, we reached out to the county health department and they say there are currently no cases they are aware of pertaining to cooking chicken in NyQuil. None the less, you’re are urged to not to do that, as it does pose various health dangers for all adults and children.

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