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MISSOULA - The University of Montana Police Department received a report that a large bear was near the University Center around 11 p.m. on Nov. 10.

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Montana State University and the University of Montana are usually at each other's throats as part of one of the country's oldest rivalries, but they're setting aside their differences for a more friendly competition: a "blood battle" to see who can get the most blood donations for the Ameri…

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MISSOULA - Following renewal of the Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) for another 10 years, the Downtown BID and the Missoula Police Department have partnered together to provide a Dedicated Downtown Police Officer seven days a week, beginning October 20. Officer Jay Gillhouse wil…

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MISSOULA - With fall semester beginning and ending earlier this year because of the pandemic, the University of Montana is offering a winter session to help students make the most of their break. The public also is invited to enroll in classes.

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MISSOULA -- The Missoula Rural Fire Department responded to a large fire that broke out in a traffic signal storage yard, located off of West Broadway near the Missoula International Airport.

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