MISSOULA -- By now, most of Montana has experienced harsh temperatures.
In Missoula, residents of the Temporary Safe Outdoor Space (TSOS) are trying their best to stay warm, while living in tents.
Staff at the TSOS shelter said they're 'burning through propane at an alarming rate,' which is why they're asking for donations of gas cards. On top of that, they need more wood for the stoves that help keep the residents warm.
Arrangements were made to move the residents into indoor homeless shelters and motels in Missoula, but staff said the residents don't want to relocate, because they feel safe where they are.
The outdoor space is equipped with 20 two-person heated tents, zero degree sleeping bags and a warming hut open 24/7.
United Way of Missoula is providing hot meals over the weekend, to help residents fight the cold.
Hope Rescue Mission and United Way staff the camp 24/7, which is why United Way's CEO, Susan Hay Patrick, said they also need financial donations.
"Staffing and security are a major expense. It costs about $15,000 a month and that's essential to the safe and effective operation of the camp. It's key to why the TSOS is succeeding," Patrick said.
Staff added that the TSOS is a temporary solution to help those living in homelessness during the pandemic. 
To donate contact Ashley Corbally at (406) 396-3653. Do not deliver to the site without prior arrangement.
Funds can be donated at:

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