MISSOULA, Mont. — If you like indoor sports, performing arts and more, you’re in luck.

Missoula City officials need your help planning a new community center in McCormick Park.

The Currents Center for Recreation and Community would be in addition to the existing Currents Aquatic Center. It will be built to the right of Currents, which is located at 600 Cregg Lane in Missoula.

City officials say the vision behind the planned community center is to have social and recreational activities for people of ages, income and ability levels.

Parks and Recreation’s Superintendent of Business and Finance, Ryan Applegate, said they want to hear from Missoulians.

"It's about getting feedback from as many people as possible so that we have a center that serves as many Missoulians as possible,” Applegate said.

Initial public comment over the spring and summer gave the design team a better understanding of what locals want. The majority of those who gave input ranked having an arts program as most important. Fitness and Wellness classes came in a close second, followed by childcare, sports and programming.

"We really got a lot of good feedback about inclusivity about keeping it affordable for people,” he said.

Early plans show that the community center will be 84,655 square feet. It’s a big building and a big plan, but it’s a need that city officials have been working toward since the early 2,000’s.

"Just a space that is year-round is inclusive for all Missoulians and really celebrates Missoula,” he said.

From Oct. 13-24, you can view the designs and give comments on Engage Missoula’s website, or head to Currents Aquatic Center in McCormick park to view the design drawings in person and fill out a survey from Oct. 15-24.

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