People in Missoula protest for one week

MISSOULA - As people across the county continue to protest in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, Montana is no exception. 

It has been one week since people have gathered on the Missoula County Courthouse lawn to raise their voices for change in America. But on the very first day of protests, only one man stood on the street a week ago with a Black Lives Matter sign.

Lawrence Armijo didn't plant to come out last Thursday until he saw everything unfolding.

"I looked at my phone and saw what was going on with the world and figured I'd have to come out here and protest to at least have my voice heard in Missoula, Montana since there's not so many of us out here," said Armijo. "So, I came out here and even though I was by myself, I felt like I still had people behind me." 

In the past week protests in Missoula have gone from one to hundreds, all chanting "Black Lives Matter" and "No justice, no peace".

"It makes me feel good that they are actually out here for us and protesting by our sides. It's an unbelievable feeling to have all of these people come out here for us in Missoula, Montana," said Armijo.

Even though protests have gone on for a week and people are tired, the movement for change will continue.

"I'm not tired for standing up for what I believe in and I'm not tired of standing up for my people," said Armijo.

"We are peaceful, we don't want to hurt anybody or anything we just don't want to be hurt or killed anymore," said Marc McDuffie, protester.

"We love you Missoula. We know how to differentiate between the police that are bad and the police that are good. I believe that the Missoula Police Department is pretty decent," said Armijo. "So I want to thank them for actually being a good police department and not having that kind of stain on them." 

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