MISSOULA, Mont. - In some states across the country, tensions are rising between law enforcement and the community.

But in Montana, the Polson Police Department is trying to stay one step ahead. 

They are working to incorporate more less-than-lethal methods into their training.

The officers train on the Polson Shooters Association's gun range.

Polson's Chief of Police, Wade Nash, said the PSA recently gave the department a $900 donation.

"I was surprised and found out that we had received a donation from PSA for a less-lethal training, for me to send one of my officers to that school," Nash said.

Nash said the department wants to use more weapons that aren't meant to kill.

"To me, it's a no-brainer. If we can save somebody's life by using a tool that we are capable of having, why wouldn't we do that, and invest in that type of training?" he said.

They already use pepper spray and tasers, but they plan to get training in shotguns that shoot out bean bags instead of bullets.

One officer will get that training and then train the rest of the department. 

PSA President, Rob St. Clair said their association wants to help out in any way they can. 

"The police are our friends. They're out there to serve and protect. They're protecting us and anything they can do to make a volatile situation less serious, we're behind it," Clair said.

A supervisor will carry at least one bean bag gun on every shift.

Nash added that they want to continue having a positive relationship with the community.

"I think that it's our job to assist people to get the help they need and the last thing that we want is for anybody to get hurt and so going this direction, I think it'll benefit us, and it'll also benefit the citizens of Polson," he said.

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