Protect your packages from porch pirates this holiday season

MISSOULA - According to a study by C+R research, 92% of consumers expect to get at least one online order delivered this holiday season.

However, 54% are fearful their package will be stolen when making an online purchase, and 42% say they avoid certain items because of package theft.

While it's not rampant in Missoula, police do get reports of package theft especially during the holiday season.

"The biggest problem that we see is package thieves will just drive up and down residential streets looking for packages that are left on the front porch that are immediately obvious from the front," said Ethan Smith, Missoula Police Department crime prevention officer.

Police say the biggest way to protect your packages is by having them delivered when you know you are going to be home or having them delivered to your place of work if they are fine with that.

Another way is asking a trusted neighbor to keep an eye out and grab it and hold onto it until they see you. Police also want to remind people that if you see something suspicious at a neighbor's house, to say something.

Police also recommend home surveillance if that's in your budget to help them track down the thief even faster.

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